This monster doesn’t hide under the bed

Jon Franklin’s “Mrs. Kelly’s Monster” is an incredibly powerful piece of writing that takes an in-depth (literally) look at the horrors associated with brain aneurysms.  Franklin’s writing is vivid and rich, due to his description and attention to detail.

Instead of merely setting the stage for the surgery in which doctors tried to save Mrs. Kelly from her “monster”, Franklin takes readers on a journey describing the entire surgical process, from Mrs. Kelly and Dr. Ducker’s preparations to the incisions Ducker made during surgery.  After I finished the article, I was left wondering how Franklin had come to include so many details in his story.

This telling writing style does not let readers take a seat on the sidelines to watch the show, which is something that I normally would love and greatly appreciate.  However, thanks to some helpful genetics and various other reasons unbeknownst to me, reading about brain surgery in this much detail made me feel more than a little woozy.  Regardless, I read on, and I’m glad I did.  Franklin’s article does an excellent job of showing the fragility of human life.  He does not sugar coat anything, from the intense procedure itself to the dramatic ending.

Franklin took an issue that I knew basically nothing about and painted an educational, emotional picture of  real-life obstacles.  While I did not appreciate the incredible amount of detail in that it left me feeling sick, I appreciate the detail and effortless flow of Franklin’s writing as the stunning art that it is.

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