Let’s do the Time Warp again

Last weekend, at long last, I finally saw “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the first time. It was inevitable that I watch it sooner or later. The cult classic seemed to be everywhere around me: friends talking about going to see it over Halloween weekend, in a scene from the original “Fame”, and, more importantly, on this past week’s episode of “Glee”. I wanted to see “Rocky Horror” before I watched “Glee” so that I could fully enjoy the episode. So when I got back to my room one night to see people starting to watch “Rocky Horror”, I decided to join them.

To say “Rocky Horror” is weird is an understatement. I was confused throughout most of the movie and spent a lot of time talking to my friends about what the writers were on when they wrote the script. And it was definitely experience to see Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry looking…different than they usually do these days. But despite its weirdness, for lack of better word, “Rocky Horror” is certainly an interesting movie. Between the bizarre plot, the lighthearted singing and dancing and the costuming, the last thing “Rocky Horror” can be described as is boring.

This morning I read an article on a Yahoo! blog about the movie that has been popular for 35 years. The blog attributes the success of “Rocky Horror” to a few factors, but there is one main point: according to the blog, “Simply put, ‘Rocky Horror’ isn’t like your normal trip to the megaplex. Instead, it’s a party.”

According to the blog, audiences everywhere (many movie theaters still play “Rocky Horror” around Halloween time every year) don’t just sit idly in theaters watching the film on a large screen. Instead, they dress up in costumes like those seen in the movie, shout profanities back at the screen and bring props to mimic some of the on-screen action.

“Rocky Horror” is a cultural experience that still has a huge place in pop culture. Whether or not everyone likes the movie, it seems to be here to stay. So let’s do the Time Warp again!


  1. You have to go to a theater sometime. The people who go do throw things like toast and put newspapers over their heads when it’s raining and all sorts of odd stuff. I saw one of the Glee numbers and it made me laugh.

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