Just dance

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the upcoming midterms week, I find myself stressed, busy and lacking free time (not like this is anything new). Even though I would normally be freaking out, trying to accomplish everything I need to in a short amount of time, I have barely begun thinking about my exams.

Instead, I spend my time in the Lied Education Center for the Arts in dance rehearsal. As part of the Creighton Dance Company, I will be performing in next weekend’s Spring Dance Show, a collection of dances by faculty and student choreographers.

I was talking with a few dancer friends in between rehearsals the other day about everything dance means to us. One of my friends said, “If I stopped dancing, I would hate myself.” Exaggeration or not, we all agreed our lives would not be the same without dance.

As much time as the daily rehearsals consume, I cannot imagine spending my time any other way. Yes, it’s hard work. Yes, I’m really busy. And yes, I currently have a bruised toe and a cold. But all that is worth it to me–because even though I know I’ll never be any sort of professional dancer, I love to dance, and almost as much as that, I love all the friendships I have because of my involvement in the dance program.

I’ve realized lately that the majority of my close friends are from dance, which is probably not a coincidence. I spend countless hours with these people, and I’m so glad I do. Not only are they hilarious and supportive of my other endeavors, but they are also hilarious and unique. And on top of that, they understand exactly what I’m going through during these crazy busy times.

For me, dance is a passion, a way of life. Sometimes–I’ll admit it–I don’t feel like going to class or rehearsal. But 99 percent of the time, I leave dance feeling happy, uplifted and renewed.

No matter how frazzled I sometimes get around the time of a dance performance, I remind myself of why I keep dancing: Because to me, there’s nothing else like it.

  1. Dance is awesome. I would agree with basically everything you said — I don’t know what my life would be like without dance! It’s such a stress relief and it makes me happy every time I go. And hopefully I will always find some way to dance. *crosses fingers*

    Good post! Good luck on midterms!! — Emily 🙂

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