Bonjour from Paris!

Well…I made it! I will admit, I was stressed and anxious after my flight from Chicago to Paris was canceled. But nonetheless, I made it to my temporary Parisian home. And I met some really nice people along the way who helped ease my fears a bit. Even though things didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped, everything worked out just fine. And in a strange way, I’m almost glad I had the experience that I did — one of the reasons I wanted to study abroad was to learn to be independent, and I had to be just that.

Once I finally arrived in Paris, 10 hours later than expected, I went to my home stay, where I was greeted by my friendly and exuberant “mother”, her older son and young twins, along with two of the three other ISA students living here. We had a delicious dinner, and I went to bed soon after.

Today was my orientation at the ISA Paris office. What should have taken me about half an hours’ travel time took me an hour and a half. Yep, I got lost. VERY lost. But that forced me, once again, to be independent, and to use my rusty French. I finally found the office, and after the orientation I explored the city with three new friends from my program.

At this point, it finally hit me: I’m in Paris. How cool is that?! After all the planning, paperwork and nervousness, I’m actually here. When I was wandering around searching for the office I stumbled upon (literally) Notre Dame, and my new friends and I just got back from the Eiffel Tower after eating tasty paninis in a random park.

The city is absolutely incredible. Although it’s intimidating, I’m seriously loving it so far — getting lost for an hour and all. The architecture is breathtaking, and everywhere you turn there’s something beautiful to see.

I have orientation at my school tomorrow morning, after which I have the afternoon free, and I can’t wait to explore more! I stupidly forgot my camera today, but soon I’ll have pictures to share, none of which, I’m sure, will adequately capture the beauty of this city. So I’m off to go try to soak it up!

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