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Catching up

I’ve been neglecting this lately, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to sit down and think about everything that’s been happening. So here’s an overview in pictures of what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks:

My first visit to the outside of Le Louvre...

People weren’t lying when they said the building is massive! I was amazed…but not as impressed as I was when I finally went inside. More on that later.

A nighttime picnic by the Seine

Paris is beautiful by day, but gorgeous in a different way at nighttime. You can see it in so many ways, but this view was one of my favorites.

A weekend trip to Milan

So much delicious food! I have always loved Italian food, so to experience the real deal was heavenly. Not to mention the gorgeous views we saw walking around the city.

A visit to the beautiful Sacre Coeur

Another unique view of Paris is found at the top of the hill by Le Sacre Coeur. You can see so much of the city from this church, and the inside is amazing, too — you just can’t take pictures inside.

An underground journey through Les Catacombes

I surprisingly did not feel lightheaded and/or sick to my stomach at all during my visit to Les Catacombes! I have no idea how that happened, but it was a really cool experience — literally, temperature-wise, and it was just fascinating in a creepy way to see so many piles of dead bones surrounding you.

...My first visit to the inside of Le Louvre

I was only inside Le Louvre for a little more than three hours, and it was exhausting. There is SO much to see that it’s impossible to see it all in one day, even if you try. I read somewhere that it would take months just to glance at every piece of art in the museum.

And lastly, a weekend in Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel, France

Although I prefer warmer beaches, Saint Malo (pictured above) is absolutely breathtaking. It’s a walled city, so this view is taken from atop the wall, where you can see for what seems like forever. We also crossed a bay (by foot) to reach Mont Saint Michel, which was a strange and wonderful experience. I learned that quicksand is real, and that it is quite possible to get stuck in the quicksand. It was a bizarre feeling, and the crossing of the bay was one of my favorite activities from my trip.

Our guide sinking into the quicksand on our way to Mont Saint Michel

I can hardly believe there are only a few days left of my program. It’s a weird and depressing thing to think about, but I’m going to enjoy every second — and then start my adventures with my friends and family!