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Fashion and Facebook fans

Aside from sports, dance and eating (yes, I said it), I also love shopping. My favorite store is the Gap. I can’t remember a single time I walked in that store and didn’t walk out either happily toting a navy shopping bag or wistfully wishing I was carrying new purchases.

With that in mind, I decided to critique Gap’s Facebook fan page. Overall, I’d say Gap is doing a pretty good job of promoting its products.

Gap currently has over a million people who “like” its page. Judging from the comments on pictures and other posts, this page reaches people all over the world.

Posts, which include sales, discount codes, pictures and videos, rake in anywhere from 40-700 “likes” and 5-100 comments. Most comments reflect positive feedback to the posts, but some are from disgruntled and/or annoyed fans.

One thing that Gap could improve upon is responding to Facebook fans. A few fans commented they wish more of the deals would include online purchases, since not everyone lives close to a Gap store. As far as I can tell, Gap has not responded to many of the comments, negative or positive. Although there are many people who comment on the Facebook fan page, I’d like to see Gap do a better job of answering questions and responding to negative feedback on the social networking site–at least those questions that many fans have asked.

Along those lines, I, too, would like to see more of the Gap fan page’s discounts to include online sales. I wish I had more time to go shopping in person, but as a busy college student, the reality is I rarely have a block of free time when I can drive to the nearest Gap location to shop for deals.

On the other hand, Gap is doing a great job advertising not only its sales and special deals for Facebook fans, but it also promotes its store in other ways.

A recent episode of “Glee” featured one of the characters professing his love for a Gap employee by way of song. The Gap Facebook page promoted this event both before and after the episode aired, drawing many comments and a great amount of praise.

Although there are certainly things it could improve upon, Gap’s Facebook fan page informs customers of good deals, new clothes and even when the Gap shows up in pop culture. With a few minor adjustments, this page could go from mildly effective to very helpful and effective.