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Writing about…writing

For all the things I love about writing, there are also things that drive me crazy about the whole process. I’m not one of the super-organized type who like to sit down and map out what they are going to say. If I have to write a paper that seems especially daunting to me I’ll jot down some of my main ideas to help get the writing juices flowing–but often don’t even get around to doing that.

Of course, when I’m not writing a paper about something I couldn’t care less about, I enjoy the writing process much more. The words flow better (even though flow is something I still need to work on) and I feel like I’m actually expressing myself. And self-expression is something I really love about writing.

To be honest, I don’t have much experience as a reporter. But in News Reporting last year the article that I enjoyed writing the most was a profile of a Jesuit priest at Creighton. He was my World Lit professor, and I was glad that I could share with readers some of his background and personality traits that just didn’t have time to be shared in one semester in the classroom.

As for reading–I love it. This summer I went through many books, ranging from Love the One You’re With to Atonement. But I also really like reading magazines. My sister subscribes to People magazine, and I’m not going to lie, I love reading the old issues she gives me when I visit her. Mostly I read fashion magazines, like InStyle, but I like reading Time when I get the chance, too. I also like to keep in touch with news from my hometown on the local paper’s website, such as this gem that I read the other day.

Whether it’s for class or entertainment, writing is something that I really enjoy. Hopefully the self-expression that I strive for comes across in my writing!