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To infinity and beyond: 1 billion stumbles per month

StumbleUpon now records 1 billion stumbles per month — 200 million more stumbles than last month. I read an article about the stunning growth of stumbles on Mashable, which led me to think about the many reasons I love StumbleUpon.

First, I like that StumbleUpon is so customizable, allowing users to view things they are interested in. After selecting initial categories of interest, users receive an even more unique experience by marking sites with a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down.” This makes not only the sites more personalized, but also the advertisements.

I find myself stumbling often because of the huge variety of sites to which StumbleUpon directs me. Sure, I could theoretically find every site from StubmleUpon on my own, but the convenience factor is a big plus in my book. In this modern age of technology, users want the best experience in the fastest way they possibly can — and StumbleUpon creates just that. The variety of information, videos, pictures, stores, etc. I’ve found while stumbling is impressive, and keeps me entertained for hours.

Although my productivity rate drops at an alarming rate every time I go to StumbleUpon, I enjoy spending my time looking at new things, which have made me laugh and cry. And if I don’t like somewhere StumbleUpon takes me, I simply give it a “thumbs down” and move on with my life…and my stumbling.

Finally and most importantly, I agree with Charlie White, author of the aforementioned article, that StumbleUpon is fun. I love clicking “Stumble!” button, anxiously awaiting what will be presented to me next. I have read touching stories, watched hilarious videos and tried fun, new recipes all thanks to StumbleUpon. I love the excitement of not knowing where it’s going to take me, and even though that doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s the little things in life that make everything worthwhile.